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It just makes no sense!

How often have we all heard that something the government does ‘just don’t make no sense?’ Folks look when the government says that, what they’re really saying is ‘the aforementioned policy is insane.’ You know bonkers, Luna-tunes or that person’s … Continue reading

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Local grocery store’s receipts unclear.

Forsyth MO. – Country Mart, a local grocery, is showing its age. After more than a decade in operation, the machines that kick out receipts are about ready to give up the ghost. Truth be told, you could have said … Continue reading

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Amazons Freevee ain’t so free!

This post is about Amazon’s ‘Freevee’, an app that allows one to view movies and TV replays for free, that is, as long as you watch various commercials that they sprinkle along the way. On the surface, watching a few … Continue reading

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SW Missouri’s first winter storm!

By my reckoning, this was the first winter storm of 2023! Here in my corner of southwest Missouri in a town called Forsyth, I was wondering if the population was ready for it? (For those with an interest my station … Continue reading

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Biden and one lesson learned!

Joe Biden and the Democrats are learning (maybe) the lesson that says; ‘don’t crap where you eat!’

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Efficiencies of the States vs the Federal government!

I’m not going into statistics here, but rather some common sense. Anyone who has watched the growth of Federal Government for the past few decades can attest to witnessing the law of diminishing returns. We pump in literately trillions of … Continue reading

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It’s January and here comes the GOP!

January the 4th, and here comes the GOP slipping in sideways into Congress where the promptly did a face plant in the House. To say they don’t have it together would be a total understatement. I sincerely do not understand … Continue reading

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Some lessons learned…

Going into 2023, there are some key lessons learned. Buckle down the hatches and pray for better times. PS – Don’t buy any of the items advertised here! They’re phony!

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Two questions…

I dreamt a man was standing before a crowd of thousands and he shouted out a question, “Who here believes in the Federal government?” A mighty roar gushed forth. After that slowly died down, he asked, “Who thinks the Federal … Continue reading

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Year two of four now gone by.

Can you believe we are two years into the four terms of Joe Biden? And what a two-year period it’s been! You name an area of our economy; Joe Biden and his Democratic has been there and wrecked that. And … Continue reading

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