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My Bull Shoals lake level forecast for 2021!

Here, where I live in southwest Missouri, we have a series of damned lakes with one of them close to my home of Forsyth Missouri. Near that small town, are a couple of parks that have been flooded out six … Continue reading

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A single raindrop’s life!

This is a drawing of a raindrop that fell from the sky over my home at precisely 5:25:03 PM CST on Monday, May the 23rd. The little guy committed suicide after what was apparently a fall of some great distance. … Continue reading

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Halsey songs are all about me!

So, sue me!

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Random Thoughts for November 17, 2020!

It’s Always a Matter of Trust! How can anyone, living in America, have too very much faith in a system of government that fewer and fewer trust? Perhaps our currency logo should be changed from ‘In God we trust’ to … Continue reading

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Things I learned…

Coming soon… Random Thoughts! Once again I plan to pontificate on numerous random topics of personal interest.

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Where we are headed… Risk takers versus risk avoiders!

In the same manner that I can think of Biden and his followers, as a pack of jackals, so too can I state that most Americans will meekly allow for this group of far left radicals to destroy our Republic. … Continue reading

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This disease…

http://forsythkid.blogspot.com/2014/08/pm-today-this-disease.html The creator placed a lot of effort on a tiny speck of a planet. He hoped to birth true awareness from nothing. Now, everyone, look at ourselves…..

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Biden’s grand plan for climate change!

Biden is currently absolutely positive that a mere ten trillion investment, made over the next ten years, will have a dramatic effect on climate change. He doesn’t mention the small facts that both India and China are both raging ahead … Continue reading

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Perhaps the only solution to climate change!

Climate change…. Is it really real? Yes, of course it is. Geologically earth’s climate has always been changing. At one point, about 715 million years ago, the entire globe was thought to be encased in snow and ice. Yes, that’s … Continue reading

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Spaghetti on cool fall days!

Whenever the weather outside gets snarky, as in the upper 40’s with lots of rainfall, I like to get busy in my kitchen. This day, I elected to have myself a steaming plate of pasta. I used the standard spaghetti … Continue reading

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