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Meaty spaghetti sauce!

As an affectionado of all things pasta, I happen to really enjoy a heaping plate of spaghetti onto which has been piled a meat sauce of my own design. Recipe: 1 14.5 oz can of generic petite diced tomatoes (411 … Continue reading

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Time for a new national concept!

OK, so there seems to be a growing divide as to how things should be run in the country and it looks like we might face a Civil War if things don’t change and soon. My proposal is pretty straightforward. … Continue reading

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Questions concerning Bull Shoals and two area parks!

Forsyth Mo. – As March of 2021 was drawing to a close, the status of two popular are parks near the town of Forsyth Missouri remained open to question! River Run, a parks controlled by the government and Shadowrock Park, … Continue reading

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Banquet and the manner in which they handle complaints!

Going back some time ago, I had a rough run in with one of Banquet’s Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo review! entrees. I should have known, back on March 10, that the end result could have been seen in the word Alfredo. It … Continue reading

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We are so screwed…

Being an old guy myself, I watched an even older Bidden presser on March the 25th not without a bit trepidation. There he stood in all his glory. The leader of the free world. A man that many free nations … Continue reading

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Paleolithic man made flour and maybe bread? Who knew?

Sunday, March 28 – My breakfast, this day, consisted of a two egg omelet, white toast, one glass of milk and a small three ounce breakfast steak. Hmm, I sat at my dining table and pondered whether this meal qualified … Continue reading

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Someone said it was going to be 80ish temp wise?

Wow. It was March the 27th and the weather forecast, for my neck of the woods, indicated that the temps just might get up to what I’d call a ‘livable’ range of warmth. As an added bonus the winds were … Continue reading

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The great Democratic gun drop off!

Gun control seems to be big topic on the mind’s of Democrats everywhere. But it seems to be a stalemate issue, never going very far over the years. Well, I mean to change all that! According to the stats from … Continue reading

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The Icarus star!

Icarus, is a galaxy lensed super giant star, that is the farthest individual star ever seen by man. It is only visible because it is being magnified by the gravity of a massive galaxy cluster. It’s located about 14 billion … Continue reading

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Delphic maxims!

The Delphic maxims are a set of 147 maxims inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. I would suggest that each one be read, to the joint members of Congress, each and every time they meet in session. My … Continue reading

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