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All events are political! Get over it!

As a matter of fact, any time you get more than one person together at a party at some friends house, the topics of religion, race, economy and politics will invariably come up. That’s human nature and just the way … Continue reading

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Beck for President

Ever since the election of Barrack Obama and perhaps even before, our country seems to have gone somewhat downhill. Maybe that’s not a strong enough term, but I think the majority of Americans would agree that some more ‘Change’ may … Continue reading

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Whose lying?

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We Need an Underwear Bomber Update!

The Underwear Man Whatever happened to the underwear bomber? I’ve worried quite a bit about him as of late. So many questions. Just what happens to failed terrorists anyway? Do they get stuck in some hole where they will rot … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck is Back!

Glenn Beck is Back! November 11, 2009 According to an entry posted this morning in his Facebook ….. ”Glenn Beck I’m back! About a year ago I told my wife that’d I give a major organ to be on the … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Program Reflects on the New Science Czar

You have got to be kidding me! A Science Czar!! Forced adoptions and sterilant in your drinking water? Yeah, that’s American! Continue reading

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