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The great Democratic gun drop off!

Gun control seems to be big topic on the mind’s of Democrats everywhere. But it seems to be a stalemate issue, never going very far over the years. Well, I mean to change all that! According to the stats from … Continue reading

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HR 127 – On the road to dictatorship!

Go to https://www.firearmspolicy.org/stop_hr_127 to see how to fight! I have forwarded a protest letter to the Missouri State Governors office and will fight this bill and any like it. Please do not let the crooks in Washington DC take your … Continue reading

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A great answer to gun control in America!

Leave it those wacky Democrats in California to take gun control issues that could work if existing laws were enforced and muck up the waters further by proposing even more regulations in the form of a gun violence insurance bill! … Continue reading

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The real problem in Washington is Washington.

Recently, the president of the United States held meeting to discuss current and newly proposed gun laws. This was done without the NRA’s attendance or consent. President Obama defended his this action by stating that: ‘I know some aren’t interested … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts for March 2010

“Mayor Richard Daley says he’s optimistic Chicago will prevail against what he calls the gun industry’s challenge to the city’s handgun laws.” How very good for him. Also, how very bad for anyone who doesn’t want to see a leveling … Continue reading

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In response to Michael Bloomberg’s antigun attitude

One of my really favorite mayors, the honorable Michael Bloomberg (you know the guy who literally may have bought his way into office last time around? But, I digress) railed against gun violence in his city on Friday, December 11, … Continue reading

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Let em fight with forks!

I just had to post this article concerning a gun law that goes into effect in February in California.Let the NRA stew in own juices I say! It’s common knowledge that you cannot trust citizens and perhaps this law will … Continue reading

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