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Fluageddon: The coming killer epidemic!

In the fall of the year 1918, a bad and terrible flu swept over the planet killing more people in America than were killed in the last century of warfare combined. As many as 50 million worldwide died horrible deaths … Continue reading

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Factors that affect the severity of the flu season!

Every year the flu that was doing its thing in the southern hemisphere moves up north. In North America, the first coughs and fevers generally begin to appear in October reaching a peak in January. Warming weather then sees this … Continue reading

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America’s On-going Swine Science Experiment

On any given year, the US produces over 300 million tons of animal waste in it numerous CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. One of the larger sites may house over 800,000 pigs at any one time. CAFO’s are known … Continue reading

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Pigs, the Flu, MRSA and You!

As fall now swiftly approaches, I find myself wondering about the flu and how severe it might become over the winter months. Last year, thankfully, the pandemic strain known as H1N1 fizzled out before it caused too many deaths. It … Continue reading

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H1N1 still hanging around in mid 2010? This from India.

Aurangabad, India – Dated Jul 24, 2010: “One person has succumbed to swine flu and other is battling for life at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) here.” GMCH Dean S D Dalvi told UNI that Padmanath Pankade (40) … Continue reading

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Is the Flu Coming Back for a Summer Visit?

Georgia health officials are watching a spike in swine flu [influenza pandemic (H1N1) virus infection] hospitalizations, having the most in the country for  3 weeks in a row, federal health officials said Monday [29 Mar 2010].  It’s too early to … Continue reading

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