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Pretzel candle grilling (PCG). Will a new eating craze soon sweep the nation?

Forsyth MO. – In an otherwise completely nondescript small town located in southwestern Missouri, a revolutionary new grilling technique was born. The question now is just how popular the practice will become! I was sitting at a local bar on … Continue reading

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Things I learned…

Coming soon… Random Thoughts! Once again I plan to pontificate on numerous random topics of personal interest.

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A Muggy sort of day!

Mid fall is the time of year that I wax poetic. I even become a bit melancholy and listless. On those sorts of days, I just pick myself up and head out to a local watering hole…. In my smallish … Continue reading

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A Subway lunch with Brandy!

On an otherwise uninviting November day, I had the good fortune to partake in a Subway lunch with a very lovely lady named Brandy… Brandy, who is of Asian decent (and who I understood loves to eat sushi), reluctantly conceded … Continue reading

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Hillary to usher in new era!

Well, it certainly looks to me that on January 21 of 2017, Hillary Rodhammer Clinton will become the next President of these here united states! And, what an amazing agenda she is rumored to have! Among her many main foci, … Continue reading

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My first (and possibly my last) podcast!

At some point in my long existence, you’d just have to know that I would discover that I had a mic attached to my Microsoft headphones! And from there it was a short jog to making a podcast! Actually, my … Continue reading

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Zika virus invades the US! Could a DanO Burka be the answer?

It’s no secret that a new virus will be making the rounds this summer all across much of the southern portions of the United States! It’s name is Zika, it’s carried by a mosquito and over one hundred pregnant women … Continue reading

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San Francisco takes aim at ‘manspreading’!

Filed under, only in California! San Francisco – Men (or women) with problematically wide stances (manspreading) could face hefty fines after the San Francisco transit board approved a strict “one ticket, one seat” policy. Los Angeles transit officials will consider … Continue reading

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Me, my friend Obs and the long journey.

Take one man who needs to diet and is out of shape. Add a touch of OCD. Shake well and what have you got? A man who will either lose the weight or lose his mind, and it don’t matter … Continue reading

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Let’s sell off California now!

Couldn’t ever happen? Well, actually China has been buying up large swaths of the United States for some decades now. Welcome to the ‘real’ world Neo….

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