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Igor is on its way to Bermuda baby!

Right now (September the 11th) while Igor still may not look like much, it is forecast to strengthen into a full fledged hurricane as it moves into warmer waters over the next few days. The big question will be where … Continue reading

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Storms lining up across the Atlantic

While the 2010 hurricane season may have gotten off to a slow start, it looks as though things may end with a bang as a series of disturbances are now lined up all the way to the interior of North … Continue reading

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Tropical storm Alex enters the Gulf region

Like some novel you just can’t put down, the story unfolding in the Gulf contains more twists and turns than anything Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever put out. Now, it seems the very elements themselves are threatening to make the … Continue reading

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A Rainy Day Fund. Uh! What Rainy Day Fund?

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