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Is the die being cast as a second carrier strike force is deployed.

For only the fourth time in the last ten years, a second carrier (the Enterprise) along with associated strike craft has been deployed to the same region of the world. This was a decision the Navy did not make lightly … Continue reading

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Mortorium on building settlements is doomed to failure.

While I am not a great follower of the socio-political goings in Israel and, in particular, the disputed settlement construction sites that both sides have been fighting over in recent years. I do know one thing for sure. It’s become … Continue reading

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Obama’s latest crowning achievement!

As the smoke clears slowly away from what used to be the cities of Tehran and Jerusalem, and as a horrified world looks towards America for answers. A light snow of  radioactive fallout across that land will underscore just how … Continue reading

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Israel now has a choice to make!

This will be a short blog. I want my friends in Israel to know that I stand behind any decision they make concerning Iran and her mad rush to the development of a nuclear bomb. While I adore and fully … Continue reading

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Israel will always be my friend. Period!

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