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Questions concerning Bull Shoals and two area parks!

Forsyth Mo. – As March of 2021 was drawing to a close, the status of two popular are parks near the town of Forsyth Missouri remained open to question! River Run, a parks controlled by the government and Shadowrock Park, … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to March and the potential for flooding!

March is a month where much southwest Missouri sees many climate associated changes. The azimuth of the sun arcs high and higher in the sky and the temperature regime changes rapidly from a winter style profile to a much warmer … Continue reading

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Arctic cold knocking on our door!

SW MO. – It was February the 8th, 2021 and my hometown area located in southwest Missouri was getting its fair share of a cold arctic frontal system that brought a bit freezing rain to my small town of Forsyth … Continue reading

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Coqui, a Caribbean cuisine venue to open in March!

Forsyth Mo. – The Caribbean Islands comprise a group of island nations situated off the southern tip of Florida. Many rich and different cultures reside there. So, it was with some interest that I learned that a restaurant that was … Continue reading

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Rockaway Beach has three bars…again!

Rockaway Beach Missouri is a small town (population 900), that in many ways is typical of a still struggling US economy that just can’t seem to get off square one. One business will open there and almost instantly, another seems … Continue reading

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Restaurants in Forsyth Missouri Map

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Spring in Forsyth Missouri!

It’s now 5 days into the spring of 2008 and you can tell that Mother Nature is beginning to wake up from her winters nap. I’ve noticed that the Bradford pear trees and Forsythia bushes are in bloom with their … Continue reading

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