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The Federal Budget!

Look at the above graphic long and hard. See any wiggle room… Me either. Let’s let the government do what it does best. Eat its own. Seriously, let the government no pass one single red cent, but rather cannibalized itself. … Continue reading

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The imminent collapse of America via hyperinflation!

Insane pork filled relief bills that are trillions of dollars in size, a national debt of over 27 trillion, two hundred thousand illegals crossing our southern borders each year, many states in open decline with failed budgets and the Fed … Continue reading

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ObamaCare, or how many will be getting unwanted anal probes!

The ACA or Affordable Healthcare Act or Obama Care just might be in trouble according to some industry experts. In 2017 almost every state will see double digit increases with some states such as Minnesota looking at increases as high … Continue reading

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Let’s sell off California now!

Couldn’t ever happen? Well, actually China has been buying up large swaths of the United States for some decades now. Welcome to the ‘real’ world Neo….

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Random thoughts IV

What a wild market ride! The stock market has just got to be the best adrenaline rush in town right now. The way in which it will zoom up three hundred points one week only to take a nose dive … Continue reading

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