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Diet review – Hamburger patty and steak fries!

One lunch time meal I like, and which doesn’t kill a diet completely, is the combination of a hamburger patty and Red Robin steak fries! While I don’t count or track the condiments, as they don’t add up to much, … Continue reading

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BBQ Chicken Legs. Just the Facts!

Come the summer time when many of us like to cook out on the grill, a record number of chickens are the entrée de jour. One estimate puts the average number of chickens killed each day in the US at … Continue reading

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Seven Day Diet – Day 1

It’s now well into fall and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. I think it’s the last week of the month if I don’t miss my guess. The ‘Forsythkid’ (that’s me) looks down and can still see his feet, but the … Continue reading

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Healthy Foods Take a Bite!

“the food industry could care less about health” Continue reading

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Vegetable Salad Analysis

Later in the growing season there is nothing like harvesting some lettuce and whatever else is growing that, when combined, form a leafy salad that is just chock full of nutrition. Right now, that’s my dream as there is nothing … Continue reading

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