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So, ya think tax reform has a chance?

It is not to unusual to see public votes, say for casino’s or the like to often hit numbers that approach 50-50. Something that happens when you ask a mixed and mostly uninformed citizenry to vote. Rule: The failure of … Continue reading

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ObamaCare, or how many will be getting unwanted anal probes!

The ACA or Affordable Healthcare Act or Obama Care just might be in trouble according to some industry experts. In 2017 almost every state will see double digit increases with some states such as Minnesota looking at increases as high … Continue reading

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Our Obama, man of action!

Never mind if our President is very transparent (he’s not), or if some of his programs to insure a Progressive America are not working out as expected (possibly the biggest understatement I’ve ever made)… Obama IS STILL A MAN OF … Continue reading

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Trump on Obamacare!

I have no real clue if this Internet post came from Donald Trump or not! However, it sure struck home to me and I made a few changes on my own, so the quote is a guesstimate in the end; … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s just another tax after all!

After all this time, the epic and seminal Obamacare issue was finally settled by the Highest Court of the Land! Wow! Never thought that would happen. Now we can all settle right back down into our typical trance-like state and … Continue reading

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