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Where we are headed… Risk takers versus risk avoiders!

In the same manner that I can think of Biden and his followers, as a pack of jackals, so too can I state that most Americans will meekly allow for this group of far left radicals to destroy our Republic. … Continue reading

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This nation is trying to fly on one wing…


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A broken wing and a broken country!

Courtesy of the band  Wilco with a link to my other site. Chill out and please listen, this be a pretty good number… our internal domestic and national political battles will go on… But, there is an eagle still flying … Continue reading

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A bird with a broken wing and a country that is falling apart!

America is suffering a breakup. I posted a number from a group named Wilco a year ago, to high lite just how extremely fractured this great country of mine had become. Instead, I got one comment asking me if I … Continue reading

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One wing will never ever fly!

Two great eagles used to circle and protect our Republic, but alas they both each now broken a wing. As they stand today, one apart from the other in the halls of Congress, they can only wave goodbye… http://forsythkid.blogspot.com/2015/03/wilco-one-wing.html

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Wilco – One Wing

‘We once belonged to a bird Who cast his shadow on this world….’ http://forsythkid.blogspot.com/2015/03/wilco-one-wing.html?spref=fb In the troubling times that now lie in our great nation’s path, we will all be challenged in the coming months and years. At this moment, … Continue reading

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