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DanO Pontificates!

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Coqui, a Caribbean cuisine venue to open in March!

Forsyth Mo. – The Caribbean Islands comprise a group of island nations situated off the southern tip of Florida. Many rich and different cultures reside there. So, it was with some interest that I learned that a restaurant that was … Continue reading

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I’m still puzzled as to why?

One question, that keeps popping up in my head, concerns the 80 million who voted for Biden. What are they hoping to get out of a nation run solely by Democrats? One look at a Liberal state such as California, … Continue reading

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Subversion. Is it catching on?

‘The Military forces do stand with the citizens of the Republic and will react against subversive acts!’ The above was a quote I posted on another site. And yes, I do believe that our military would resist any act of … Continue reading

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McDonald’s vs Sonics online ordering!

Relatively recently, some of the mega-sized fast food venues such as McDonald’s and Sonics, have introduced online ordering. I’ve tried McDonald’s and found it to be worthwhile, if only because you can check out any ongoing deals before ordering. This … Continue reading

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Hmm! A moment of epiphany!

After the last election, that so many former Conservatives had apparently ‘switched’ over to the Progressive side puzzled me, at first. Then, after thinking about it for a bit of time, I realized that likely it was mostly people over … Continue reading

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We still are the shining light of freedom!

While the Democrats have recently accused the Republicans of all being Nazis, I would argue that just the opposite is true. On January 21, Joe Biden will hit the streets running. He and his comrades will begin unleashing a ‘political … Continue reading

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The fly in the diet plan ointment!

Do you know many people go to great links and spend lots of money to buy into diets that promise to improve their their health through the loss of weight and through the eating of good nutritious food. But here’s … Continue reading

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History, repeating itself…

Everyone, please grab your undies. In about a week, the United States, and all who dwell within, will witness a Deja Vu in time. All the way back to 1932. United States presidential election of 1932, American presidential election held … Continue reading

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Thanks a lot! Our Republic is going fast!

The Republic appears to have been lost this day, by crooks and other evil crud. I will never again be friends with anyone who supports Leftist views I will ignore them. I will avoid them and I will work tirelessly … Continue reading

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