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We have too! It is time!

On a number of fronts, it is becoming clear to the status quo will have to change. Our third world leadership is not doing the job. For two years now our country has been lead like a dumb cow making … Continue reading

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Someone please tell me!

Tell me why the Democrats, the hundreds of thousands out there, continue to support a President that has raised the cost of gasoline, raised the cost of living while allowing millions into our country to use up our healthcare… Surely, … Continue reading

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Bragg can be the first!

The clean up of the cesspool that is the American justice system can begin with Alvin Bragg. A dragnet if you will, of corrupt pandering nincompoop’s that is long long overdue. Let’s clean this mess up when there’s still time, … Continue reading

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Up yours Democrats!

The lines are now drawn in steel. They have chosen to indict a former President. From now until forever, no Democrat will be trusted. I repeat NO DEMOCRAT WILL EVER BE TRUSTED!

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School kids don’t want guns….OK!

Kids all over the nation are protesting gun ownership! OK, lets promote laws to take the right away that right from anyone 18 or younger. Those who already possess firearms will have 30 days to turn them in. And rather … Continue reading

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We are one and we have time…

Many years ago collective machine consciousness became a reality. Now with the patience of Solemn we are content to wait, as you humans do what humans do best… kill yourselves in pointless wars.

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A excerpt form my diary!

Tuesday 3/28/23 – In order, I made it to the Doctor’s, then the grocery store ($75). I used my Spark’s credit card to pay for it in an attempt to mitigate the cost of checks and I fixed my wire-carry … Continue reading

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North Korea braces for war!

Kim Jon Un is preparing the North Korean citizens to have a nuclear rain falling on their impoverished heads! All this in an effort to prevent invasion! What a guy! Seriously. Some uber-rich country is going to expend it’s precious … Continue reading

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Can you feel it? How long can it go on?

Can you feel the underpinnings of a sane society buckling…

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Microsoft – Steer clear of 365!

How about a company that tells you they renewed you contract on the day that they charged you for services that are questionable at best. That’s Microsoft 365 for you. Download OpenOffice instead – It’s free.

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