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The year 2023 could be interesting!

Take your average American family. Or even your average American. They endured one hell of a lot over these past two years, including increased sickness, loss of income due to inflation and a near complete breakdown in the supply chain… … Continue reading

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Another day in the life!

I awoke at approximately 7:00 AM on a rainy overcast 25th day in November 2023. This particular day, I had an 11AM appointment with a health care worker to get my flu shot. I did my best to touch up … Continue reading

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The Fall elections

With the start of the elections for select House and Senate beginning races all over the country, much of America it would seem is oblivious to them in general. As in Pennsylvania, where the two candidates for the Senate have … Continue reading

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Whats News!

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Thursday’s outlook

Drought is upon us…..for Taney County and the rest of the Central US! The only chance for meaningful precipitation for September One – Showers likely, with thunderstorms also possible after 10am. Partly sunny, with a high near 89. Calm wind … Continue reading

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It’s coming….


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Meanwhile back at home…

Abhorred by his own people, shunned by the world – No I’m not talking about Biden – Putin keeps on trucking… Increasingly though by the stink and taint what Putin is doing in the Ukraine, he is coloring his people … Continue reading

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Well we we’re due for a correction!

In the course of human affairs, there comes a time and a need for correction. For ages it has been death, but now with times moving so swiftly, it is words followed by deeds. For over fifty years the United … Continue reading

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Storm clouds are headed our way!

Gather deep, your thoughts this day. Storm clouds are definitely now headed your way.

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Inflation, war and betrayal!

Inflation, you have not seen inflation. War, you have not seen war. But wait, for the betrayal. The unique form of betrayal only a President like Biden can provide. Stand up now to Biden and Putin.

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