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Something new. A podcast done from bed…

For whatever reason, I thought to do an entire podcast while reposed in my bed. And while the graphics took some time, the audio was a one shot, no edit affair.

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It’s happening! Or is it? Who can you trust?

Note: The following is considered by the author, to be unsubstantiated rumors. That said the Wikileaks link is somewhat intriguing… The rest of this article? Most likely fake. Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s … Continue reading

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A time to pause….

Thucydides, back in 400 BC, would have chronicled today’s times much much better than I. Back then, it was the Black Plague that decimated ancient Greece. (A truly horrific time in history). Yes, the world we’ve known, over the centuries … Continue reading

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