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Restaurants in a small town!

In my town of Forsyth Missouri, I like to try and keep track of the eleven eateries that exist in a town with a population that is under 2,600. I feel that of all the businesses that have been impacted … Continue reading

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Local taverns. Are they fading away?

Even before the Covid-19 scourge from China arrived in the United States, big city and small town bars and grills were feeling the pinch of popularity. Even in 2019, there were smaller crowds, perhaps because there were fewer patrons with … Continue reading

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Small town American restaurants!

Forsyth MO. – The Long Horn restaurant serves up a full menu of tasty food that also features a great salad bar! The venue is located on the main Hwy 160 drag that runs through Forsyth Missouri (163039 US Hwy … Continue reading

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On restaurants and obnoxious patrons!

As America bravely noses her way into heretofore uncharted territory where words like ‘double dip depression’ and ‘long term unemployment’ have become commonplace and where people are more stressed than ever before, I thought I’d write a few words about … Continue reading

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Restaurants in Forsyth Missouri Map

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