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Halsey. Two generations of kids lost to socialism, courtesy of the Democrats!

“You can’t wake up, this is not a dreamYou’re part of a machine, you are not a human beingWith your face all made up, living on a screenLow on self esteem, so you run on gasoline” Congrats going out to … Continue reading

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Dieting and depression!

The year 2020 was an eye opening experience for me, personally and physically. Way back in January, of that year, I was feeling very optimistic about many things. The economy was humming along nicely. There were no wars our country … Continue reading

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Move on Dot Org should move on!

It might be past time for this blatantly sick organization to find a new locale. Their lambasting of the target chain of stores for no sane reason would be funny except for the fact that these nut jobs are serious. … Continue reading

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An experiment in Socialism

One day last year a Texas Political Science Professor was teaching his class about the failures of Socialism in world governments. A bright young student arose to challenge the Professor and insisted that Socialism does work in certain areas of … Continue reading

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North Korea, a model State for America’s Far Left!

North Korea remains today a true poster child for any country that wants to seek a fast path to self destruction and failure of potential. At every twist and turn, this one-party state complete with an Eternal President, has made … Continue reading

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Senate Gets a Climate and Energy Bill, Modified by a Gulf Spill That Still Grows! What?

If anyone out there still trusts our Democrat majority (read progressively) run government to look out for the best interests of America, please come forward now. I believe these socialist visionaries will use any excuse to lock down and transform … Continue reading

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