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Life can suck!

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Finnish Nyt Ma Meen!

This blogger is definitely eclectic, but my small readership knew that! This number slash translation launched me on to a new course…. http://forsythkid.blogspot.com/2014/10/nyt-ma-meen-kristiina-brask.html

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What! A Finnish singer! Well, at the risk of …

alienating my so very few readers, I bring you a video of a lady by the name of Kristiina Brask – a Finnish singer, and yes, the song is in Finnish (so sue me)! The song is about a women … Continue reading

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On the origin of the word ‘opportunity’.

While the origins of many words currently in use in the English language are unknown, few have been as distorted as the word opportunity. I have therefore endeavored to set the record straight. Far back in the early eighteen hundreds, … Continue reading

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Suomi hyvä paikka asua ja mahdollisen maailman johtaja!

That’s what the 2009 Prosperity Index issued by the British-based think tank the Legatum Institute finds and I would have to agree. Among other things, the Scandinavian country boasts great air and water quality, low rates of infant diseases, and … Continue reading

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Kristiina Brask – Nyt Mä Meen with English Translation

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Jenni Vartiainen – Ihmisten edessä w English Subtitles on You Tube

A great song and video by a wonderful performer. Click the picture for the video! ——–>>> Erinomainen laulelma ja televisio luona ihmeellinen esiintyjä. Click elokuva ajaksi televisio!

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Nylon Beat Viimeinen – with English subtitles – Video

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Alakuloinen pulahdus keittojen resepti

Ainesosat: 1 med. punaruskea peruna, kuorittu ja majoittunut ½ valkoinen sipuli, kuorittu ja majoittunut 2 varret selleri, hienonnettu 2 porkkanat, kuoritut ja silputut 1 kuppi naudanlihaa, cubed 1 valkosipulin kynsi, jauheliha 1 voi lihaliemessä, 16 oz 1 voi kanaliemi, 15 … Continue reading

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Paste ja Salaatti

Hauskuus ateria -lta ohi Continue reading

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