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Have ammo, will defend!

I won’t name names here. Most Americans have a good grasp on who the enemies of this Republic are.

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Midget jihadists with guns!

[Danomanno reporting] While I cannot confirm this disturbing information coming out of Afghanistan, I certainly feet it is my duty to report it (before the FCC closes most of the Internet down for good). It seems that there may be … Continue reading

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Terrorists Wanted – Immediate Openings!

Due to an unexpected shortage of able bodied jihadists the grand mucky-up, Al Qaida Master Blaster is now asking for volunteers to wear explosive vests for fun, fame and access to great numbers of virgins. Anyone interested in this job … Continue reading

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I’m Sick and Tired of Our Timid Response to Terrorists!

If the airline terrorist situation were not so serious I would be laughing my ass off right now. The latest escapade in which some jihedist tries to explode a device on an airline in Detroit is great cause for concern. … Continue reading

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Are Terrorists and Tumors the Same Thing?

Article by the Forsythkid I’ve often have people ask me if terrorists, you know people like the al Quackeros, are in reality tumors with legs. I hope to put this question to rest by providing a clear definition of each. … Continue reading

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Mumbai India: Another Case for Concealed Carry?

As the events unfolded in Mumbai, India over the Thanksgiving Holiday I was struck by the horror that those defenseless civilians must have gone through. They must have felt very much like sheep as professional militants went from place to … Continue reading

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