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Soviet-style’ system led to Texas grid fiasco, expert says!

Excerpted from article by Matt Degrood – ‘The catastrophic failure of Texas’ power grid as temperatures plummeted Sunday evening wasn’t an unforeseen possibility, Rather, it was an issue some had warned state officials about for years, according to at least … Continue reading

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Ernie Cantu shoe shine!

A shout out to someone I’ve never met, but who I greatly respect. A man who knows himself and the measure of his worth. I do salute this American!

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Attorney Generals Trying to Fight Back to Defeat Health Care Bill!

Citing  the tenth amendment, governors like Florida’s Bill McCollum are preparing to file a lawsuit to call into question the constitutionality of the Health Reform Bill. A very much contested bill championed by President Obama and which was supported by … Continue reading

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Earthquakes: America’s Shaky Future

It’s been no secret concerning the fact that there has been some rather unusual seismic activity here in the northern hemisphere as of late. Everyone is now certainly aware of the catastrophic magnitude 7.0 quake that occurred in on January … Continue reading

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