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Bragg can be the first!

The clean up of the cesspool that is the American justice system can begin with Alvin Bragg. A dragnet if you will, of corrupt pandering nincompoop’s that is long long overdue. Let’s clean this mess up when there’s still time, … Continue reading

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How a story can be told using only gasoline prices!

‘While it’s true that I’ve posted some strange blog posts in the past, this one my be an all time winner.‘ One afternoon, and because I became curious about a statement that press spokesperson Jen Psaki made about the high … Continue reading

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Man of the Year!

If ever someone did not deserve the public trashing and ridicule they received it would be Jesus followed by Trump. Lord, please bless them both and damn to hell the Democratic Party.

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So long 2017 – You were a real mess!

On the eve of passing from one year to the ext, I wanted to bid 2017 not such a great farewell. The year was a tough one for many and will likely not be talked about much by historians. True … Continue reading

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Random thoughts for December 2016!

Rosland Capitol’s gold scam! Good old (and I mean older than the hills), William Devane would have you believe that you must invest in precious metals as regular currency will be all but worthless after the next super market crash … Continue reading

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The end of a great Republic draws near!

America, this election cycle will be your last chance to set the Republic on a better, more sustainable course. And, at this point in our country’s history, I’ve never seen things quite this chaotic. I am now in a position … Continue reading

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South China sea intrigue!

Imagine rolling a large powder keg onto a hot and roaring fire! That just might perfectly describe the state of the world as America rolls towards a fall election. An election that could see Donald Trump placed as the head … Continue reading

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