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Lest we forget!

The world will not soon forget the treatment by Russia, to the citizens of the the Ukraine. My God someday forgive them, however, I know I won’t.

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The invasion of the Ukraine!

The question isn’t if but when. They are fine tuning their forces, while the rest of the world stares dumbstruck! Rumor has it that Biden has already ordered popcorn and his favorite flavor of ice cream in anticipation of what … Continue reading

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Are we headed towards a World War with Russia?

What do you get when you mix mix a clueless leader like Obama, possibly the worst Secretary of State in our Nation’s history and a shackled military together? Why, a recipe for global disaster, of course! Unexpectedly, at the height … Continue reading

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A simple persons guide to fixing the Ukraine crisis!

I put together a quick and simple solution to the Ukraine situation for Obama to review since he seems to be at loose ends: Announce to the world that the US is officially very pissed off! Begin meaningful sanctions to … Continue reading

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