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SW Missouri’s first winter storm!

By my reckoning, this was the first winter storm of 2023! Here in my corner of southwest Missouri in a town called Forsyth, I was wondering if the population was ready for it? (For those with an interest my station … Continue reading

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Middle of December!

It’s getting about that time, mid-December is the typical transition time for folks in southern Missouri to go from 50ish for highs and 35ish for lows to 35ish for highs and God knows what we’ll see for lows. Some years, … Continue reading

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Could be we’ll see some changes in the weather!

The drought we’ve be living with, here in the Midwest, is about to go by-by with 1.6-1.7 inches in the Monday to Tuesday time frame. As one can see in the adjoining picture, there are some wet changes brewing. And, … Continue reading

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Thursday’s outlook

Drought is upon us…..for Taney County and the rest of the Central US! The only chance for meaningful precipitation for September One – Showers likely, with thunderstorms also possible after 10am. Partly sunny, with a high near 89. Calm wind … Continue reading

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Cold settles in to the Midwest for a bit!

Don’t you just love the climate people. They seem to disappear wherever the weather acts in ways they disagree with. That’s pretty much true of all the Liberals. The latter part of January has proven that it can get dad-burn … Continue reading

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Random thoughts for May 22!

Sometimes, you get what you wish for! The weather can get rather persnickety and the spring of 2017 was right in line there on the strangeness scale! Where I live, in southwest Missouri, some are calling the area the new … Continue reading

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Will the Forsyth Missouri area parks flood in 2016?

After the mess we had in the spring of 2015 with both River Run and Shadowrock Parks under water for the entire spring and summer season, one can only hope that 2016 will be a kinder and gentler year! It’s … Continue reading

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Forsyth Missouri picnic canceled due to snow!

It’s hard to describe the chill that is in the air this morning when I arose and ventured out to a steady snow that fell outside my home. Living as I do in southwest Missouri near a town named Forsyth; … Continue reading

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Winter Travel – Be Prepared!

If you get stuck somewhere in bad weather, will you be prepared? Continue reading

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