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The imminent collapse of America via hyperinflation!

Insane pork filled relief bills that are trillions of dollars in size, a national debt of over 27 trillion, two hundred thousand illegals crossing our southern borders each year, many states in open decline with failed budgets and the Fed … Continue reading

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Stagflation! Is it coming?

What do you get when you mix slow economic growth, high unemployment and inflation all together at the same time? It’s called ‘stagflation’ and it can quickly wreck an economy like the United States if allowed to develop. In early … Continue reading

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Quote: “There exists a general and growing sense of unease about Obama!”

The quote is mine, but I’d bet a fortune it’s shared by millions of Americans as we prepare for the inauguration of President re-elect, Barrack Obama on January the 21st. Like many, I’ve watched this country become ‘fundamentally changed’ over … Continue reading

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