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Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu makes some pointed remarks at AIPAC!

The Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu , made some initial remarks to 16K at AIPAK. The crowd was a diverse national audience. His coming speech, with the real substance of what Israel plans to do, will be on Tuesday. He hinted … Continue reading

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North Korea is not the only country of concern these days.

North Korea’s rattling of its saber at the United States this week is sort of like watching that station wagon leaving the mechanics in National Lampoon’s movie Vacation. Wobbly tires going this way and that on down the road of … Continue reading

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Are We Headed for World War III?

After the events of this last week, one cannot help but wonder when World War III will commence! Let me cite some examples; 1)      The Middle East, especially the countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine are tinderboxes that … Continue reading

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