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Six world powers ended a long-awaited meeting with Iran on its nuclear program Tuesday, December 7th, with plans for another meeting but no other visible result. Officials said after a day and a half of talks that they intend to meet again with the Iranians in Istanbul in late January.

My question is why are they bothering?  After ten years of talking and zero results, no one else in the world outside these ninnies that go to these talks actually believe Iran is even listening. Now, while that last sentence was awkwardly written, so it is awkward to watch the United States and her Allies be pushed around by a minuscule bully terrorist of a country.

Whoever once said it was a good idea to walk softly, but carry a big stick had the right idea. Iran will not ever, ever stop in the quest to build bombs with which to threaten Christians with when they get built. That’s not an opinion; it’s a law of the universe. America can pick the place and time to fight and have it out with this cesspool or we can let them do it on their own terms. Give me a stick and I would prefer to whack them over the head with it.

It’s a sad and dangerous omen, that the president now in office would prefer the latter.

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