Maybe it’s time for the US to retire!

Maybe it’s time for the US to take a back seat.

Like the saying goes, ‘the old gray mare she just ain’t what she used to be’ may apply to the United States and what appears to be rouge nations showing her to the back of the bus. It seems that the more we get entangled with the mess that calls itself the United Nations, the more we look like political fools. I’m sorry to have to write that, but countries like Iran have to be laughing themselves sick over the latest round of so-called sanctions that don’t amount to doodily-squat. Heads up everyone! Iran will become a nuclear power! That is now certain. America will continue to lose international credibility and that is also certain. Boy, how this country has changed in just the last couple of years.

Just one day after the Security Council approved new sanctions against them, the authorities in Tehran threatened on Thursday to revise their relationship with the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, using all too familiar language that has in the past presaged moves to limit global oversight of Iran’s nuclear program. What a surprise that move was! So subtle. In my view, Iran understands one form of diplomacy and one form only. Brute force. Someone with some cojones needs to exercise a little bit of this form of diplomacy over the top of Tehran’s head.

Was this spill really BP’s burden to bear?

The more the media investigates what was going on in the days before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the more it is becoming apparent that ‘big government’ is just not cutting it. Take, for instance, the backup plan that was filed by BP in the event of a disaster. Even a second grader could tell you that there are no seals or walrus currently residing in the Gulf. Duh! They could also tell you that a spill ten times the size of this one would more than likely have a bad impact on the region. And oh yes, that one guy we are supposed to call in case of problems. He’s been dead for a long time! Come on! The real joke here is the utter and complete lack of oversight by the Minerals and Energy Department. A group of jokers that are just a small part of a congressional cluster fuck that continues to display unwashed and dirty underwear to the world at large. My real fear, these days, is the paranoia that even greater infra-eco disasters are now waiting in the wings. And, could someone please show the democrats the door?

US Issues BP an Ultimatum.

This just in. The US government has given BP 72 hours to present its latest plans to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP says its containment effort is going well, but there are signs of mistrust between the company and the government. Gee, do you really think this is going to go somewhere? If BP walks, who’s going to plug the leak? We, meaning the United States, have no background in deepwater work. Can you believe that? Please reread the previous paragraph and take two aspirin. But please, don’t call me in the morning!

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